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Herzlich Willkommen!

Thanks for stopping by on my website. My name is Sabrina Wagner and I am a language service provider in the North-West of England who offers translation services for English and German as well as Language Tuition for German and Swiss German.


What you can expect



I treat my clients like I want to be treated in return

I personally rate reliable business partners very highly and it is something that I pride myself in being myself. No matter what job I agreed to do, I will stick to the agreement. And should something not go to plan for whatever reason, I will keep my clients informed all the way.



A vocation not just a job

I enjoy my job and I approach each new client or project with enthusiasm and treat it as an opportunity to learn and develop. I dedicate all my energy to the task(s) at hand so that I can be proud of the services that I deliver.



Only the best is good enough

I take great pride in the work I do. I always make sure I deliver the best quality possible and if something should go wrong - I hold my hands up and honestly admit any mistakes I might have made.